"…they have always maintained a professional attitude and always finished with high standards on all projects."
- Cat Simmons
Regional Property Manager, Hampton & Hampton Management and Leasing
(407) 448-5198

"…I always had confidence that the project was going to be done right and on time. Their professionalism and craftsmanship is truly commendable. Their trades and experience is never ending…"
- Catherine Dunn
Property Manager, Lincoln Property Company
(813) 601-7845  

"…AJS is a General Contractor easy to work with…"
- Mark Olsen, Field Manager, Lenders Realty
(619) 754-4307

". . . when an unexpected pre-existing design condition was encountered, your team was up to the task of providing prompt remediation. In fact, nothing seemed to deter AJS Building from fulfilling its promise of providing a quality facility, on time, and within budget."
- Jack Pelka, Director of Construction, ABAT Builders Inc.
(224) 612-5480

"...working with the AJS team has been a pleasure. I get quick and honest responses. I highly recommend AJS for any remodeling project in the future."
- Debra Askew, Executive Business Manager, JMG Realty
(407) 312-0258

"...they became our first choice construction company because of their "yes, can do attitude."
- Augie Santiago, Maintenance Manager, ZRS Management
(321) 663-5213

"...their quality of work has been of the highest level, and I would highly recommend AJS to any developer due to their superior work ethic."
- Josh Melissa O'Quinn, Property Manager, Lincoln Property Company
(407) 312-0208

"...well-qualified contractor, reliable and stands behind all of their services. Would highly recommend AJS to anyone looking for quality and reliability."
- Heather Van De Mark, Community Manager, Bell Partners
(401) 256-9211